Saturday, December 17, 2016

Week in Review: Dec 11-17

Last Saturday Ian fell and hurt his hand.  When the pain continued, he got an x-ray, which led to a cast.  He has a broken bone in his hand, and he'll have to wear the cast for 6 weeks.
I was reminded how our kids are faithful with their school work in spite of distractions.  On Tuesday, we had the plumber in and out in the morning.  We also had some of our recent visitors trying to repair our swamp cooler.  Ian had to go get x-rays and a cast.
Everyone still managed to get more of their work done that day.
Thursday was our last day of school before Christmas break.  We're all ready for some time off!

At co-op on Wednesday, we had a craft time.  The kids made hot cocoa mix, ornaments, cards, and more.  Some of the boys got tired of crafts before the time was over, but the girls wanted more time.

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