Saturday, December 24, 2016

Week in Review: Dec 18-24

Monday was the last Taekwondo class before Christmas break.

Baby, it's cold outside!
When it drops below 70F, it feels cold to us!
We've been happy to have a few cooler mornings and a break from the extreme heat.

While I was at the hospital to watch the Christmas caroling, I had a chance to snap a picture of these three doctors.

This is one of the premies in the hospital who is gaining weight and getting healthy.
Some of the premies were able to go home during the week.  The count is down from 22 to 15.
Keep praying for these little ones!  

We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.
We were able to take a couple of days out of town, just the two of us.

Caleb got his Christmas present a day early.
This is "Captain" our newest addition.


  1. It was in the 60's here today, and everyone was wearing short sleeves, no jackets.

    1. Kind of funny to think about. 60 seems really cold to me right now, but I know that after you are in cold weather it seems warm.