Saturday, December 31, 2016

Week in Review- Dec 25-31

Christmas morning had us all up, dressed in matching outfits, and heading to church for a lengthy celebration.  It could have been an all day thing, but we only stayed for six hours.

Some of the pediatric patients, along with their family members, were able to join us for the service and a Christmas meal.

Stephen with Dr. Dan and some of their patients.

In the evening, we opened our Christmas presents as a family.

On Boxing Day, the kids presented a play.  It was a modern adaptation of Dicken's "A Christmas Carol."

We had to help the pets get used to each other.
Now they are mostly tolerating each other.

The kids and I had fun with some extra craft and game days during our time off school.

It was back to work as usual for Stephen.  He's pictured here with Dr. Wayne and Dr. Dan.
There are still many pediatric patients in the hospital.
Keep them in your prayers.

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