Saturday, December 10, 2016

Week in Review: Dec 4-10

Red and Green for Christmas-
We've had a few group dinners with our team over the last few weeks.  I always try to bring something healthy, like fruit salad.  We're enjoying being able to get watermelon in December.

I snapped this picture one day when our cook was making lunch.
It was a day when two of my students were struggling with their math concepts, and I was glad that someone else was making cooking so that I could focus on teaching.

We had our last Art Appreciation lesson for the year in co-op.
I lost the examples of pictures that I downloaded.  With access to internet, I just had to skip that section.  That gave the students another 10-15 minutes for their hands on time.  None of them were going to complain about that!

More soccer on a lovely day!  This time they had an audience.

Julie had a Christmas Tea for the English speaking in the area.  We did a white elephant fabric exchange.

Some visitors from the US brought cooking decorating supplies, and they had the kids who were interested come to their guest house to decorate.

Stephen has remained busy at the hospital. He still has over 50 patients, including more than 20 premies under 2 kilos. Keep these little ones in your prayers.

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