Saturday, January 21, 2017

Week in Review: January 15-21

This was a sad week for the country of Mali.  On Wednesday, there was a car bombing in Gao, in the north of the country.  It is estimated that at least 50 people, almost all military personnel, have died as a result.  The president declared three days of national mourning.
Photo from Internet

On Sunday, we went to a CMA church in a nearby neighborhood.
The pictures aren't great since I only had my phone with me, not our camera.

The church was packed, but they were happy to make room for our group, 26 people.
They asked if we would sing a song- nothing like a surprise performance!  Unfortunately, our pictures of that didn't turn out!

Toby Hull gave the sermon, and as he was standing to speak, he found out that the promised translator was unwilling.  Kiersten Hull was able to translate from French to Bambara for him.

After the service, we were all invited into one of the classrooms to meet the pastors and elders.  They told us about their church and welcomed us to come back any time.

The rest of our week revolved around school.  I had a special tutor, Captain, who made sure the kids didn't get too lonely while they were doing their reading and journaling.  He had to spend most of the other lessons outside- unless he was sleeping.

On Friday afternoon, we watched some of the inauguration with our co-op group.  I gave my kids the assignment of making sure the President correctly recited his 35 word oath.  They also had some of the key players written down so that they could follow what was happening.  Due to internet slowness, we were only able to see bits and pieces.  It was good to see a peaceful transfer of power, a rarity in this part of the world.
While running errands this week, Stephen had a flat tire.

Some of the men at the market quickly stepped in to help him change it,
and he was on his way again.

Some of Stephen's pediatric patents this week.

Playing "Axis and Allies"

Pray for peace for Mali and for Africa.

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